We managed and created a series of oat bars with their basic ingredients, Greek honey and oats.

Our bars are made without addition of

sugar and do not contain preservatives.

Their production takes place naturally and our raw materials make them stand out, both in terms of taste and quality.

Oat bars EIMAI ΜΠΑΡΑ are the ideal choice, as you can include them in your diet without fear. Ideal healthy snack for home, office, school, before or after

gym. Our company is certified with ISO 9001: 2015.

With Greek honey. Honey is a natural source of energy for any body. The natural glucose it contains is an important sugar for the body as it contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, chlorine and sodium, which help the cells function.



With natural oats. The sole value of oats lies in the nutrients it contains, such as fiber (lignin and beta-glucans), carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, B vitamins and trace elements.




The energy line was created to offer sugar-free bars, with excellent raw materials. The main ingredient, Greek honey, and the combination with high quality oats, give a tastefully superior result.

The result is the creation of a daily snack that stands out. We brought to our bars three well-known sweets such as banoffe, cheesecake and lemonpie, as well as favorite flavors, such as dark chocolate and fig with plum.


The + protein line was created to provide sugar-free bars with excellent raw materials and quality protein.
The main ingredient continues to be Greek honey, and the combination of protein gives a deliciously superior result.
The kids series was created to offer our little friends sugar-free bars with excellent natural raw materials.
The main ingredient continues to be Greek honey, creating a snack suitable for the daily diet.

K i d s SERIES


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